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My Passion

Hi, my passion for this career started over 20 years ago with the unfortunate ailment of my grandmother Thelma Elliott who was a 4'9" Irish spitfire. At the young age of 90, she could out pace a 20 year old. In an unfortunate accident, she was hospitalized for back injuries and would soon become immobile. Being very close in spirit to my grandmother, but yet 2000 miles from me, it was very difficult for me to be with her as much as I wanted.  With a commitment of every 3 months flying to see her, I steadily watched that strong Irish lady deteriorate not only physically but even worse mentally. Longer months passed that I did not get to go see her and it tore me apart. Upon her passing, I knew my path was to make sure that I would do whatever it took to help the elderly in the name of my grandmother Thelma Elliott. (Elevator gramma is what my kids called her).

WE ARE Companions


Relationships build trust


“A Cherished Companion” works with the client and caregiver to close the gap between visits. This gives the client companionship during the day, night, or even on special occasions. In our ever-changing world, Caregivers do not have as much time as they used to.  It is our goal to provide the communities the personal platform needed for growth and personal connection between the Caregiver and

 "A Cherished Companion".


Companions You Can Trust

While in the comfort of a home environment, assisted living or skilled nursing facilities,  we facilitate a highly focused interactive service . Our team is compassionate about making sure your loved ones have a one on one interaction to keep their minds flourishing through these changing times. Whether you need daily or weekly companionship to proactively address aging, Alzheimer's, or loneliness while you are away our compassionate team members will provide an individualized service that you can trust.


Experienced and Supportive

A supportive staff in multiple disciplines with up to 250,000 hours of experience combined, caring for loved ones. Cognitive communication is the key to our success. We know that social interaction keeps the brain moving and focused. Our brain needs interaction with others to help with depression and loneliness.  So this not only helps the client, but relieves some of the stress the Caregivers face each day.



After working as a Care Aid in the Hospice field, I loved interacting and learning from the clients, which helped me further my career by becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant.  After graduating with an Associate Degree in General Studies, I then worked at several care facilities.  Although I loved the Residents, it was far and few between that I had time to sit and talk with them.  All they wanted was to have some one on one time, but tight schedules prohibited those special times.  It was at that time that I realized that many of the residents lacked the services for which we, as a company, now provide. After graduating from Missouri Southern State University with a Bachelors in Health Science/ Life and Business and a Minor in Human Resources, I began my dream of providing this truly compassionate service.  





  • Cognitive Services
  • Physical Exercise
  • Chore Services
  • Transportation to events 
  • Video Chat with loved ones
  • Entertainment with music/movies
  • Social interactions
  • Help with appointments, etc.

Life Skills


Arthritis, physical disabilities, and age-related conditions are some of the few circumstances that prevent them from caring for themselves. Our companions can assist you with the cognitive stability, hand and eye coordination, and growth in confidence.  Our team members achieve these by using game skills, baking, gardening and communications through reading or songs, with adventures of going down memory lane. We also use technology at its fullest which includes pictures to their loved ones through a secured website and video chatting from the Resident to their loved ones. Through our staff, the Client keeps in direct contact with their loved ones, bridging the gap of loneliness.




Provide a passionate companionship by focused interaction through planned activities, resulting in memorable bonds.

The team


Have you ever tried to find someone with the same passion and drive as you?

Its tough isn't it?

In this profession, there are many people who strive for goals.  Whether financial or personal, these goals are admirable, but does not get to the level of passion that I look for in a Team Member, for this career. 

Fortunate for me, through years of experience in this field, and building great relationships, I have been able to find truly amazing people to help bring our team together.  These people are handpicked by me, for their abilities such as conversationalist, moral aptitude, prior geriatric experience and a compassion to serve their community.




We provide different hours, segmented hours, and even travel companions.


 We provide companion service  for all kinds of care facilities, children's functions, Weddings, graduations, appointments and group functions such as Red Hat Society, Auxiliary functions, and the Military Veterans functions.

Grocery Shopping and Errands


Whether you need someone to go grocery shopping  for them or with them. Do errands with them, or just get ice cream.  Our Companions are there.

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